TAILOR: (Downtown San Diego)

Sante Tailoring - Maria Louisa

1150 7th Ave #3

San Diego, Ca 92101


(Cross St: B St. She is located deep inside the building that says Yoga One.)

Tip: Parking is not convenient due to limited metered street parking and the one-way streets, but there are three FREE 15-minute parking spots on A St. and 7th that are often available if you are making a quick drop off or pick up.

TAILOR: (Del Mar)

Golden Needle Tailor

1049 Camino Del Mar

Del Mar, CA 92014


Note: I have not actually worked with Golden Needle, but they have tailored many of my clients’ garments and I have been impressed with the results. I have also heard numerous raves reviews for them from trusted sources.

Tip: They are one of the most expensive tailors, and they are not very timely. Call before picking up your garment to ensure it is actually done.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: (San Diego and LA)

Antonella Annibale


Carla Woolever



Jessica Heller, Owner of PaperDoll Salon


An additional hairstylist referral will be up shortly.


Robin Dayley



Samantha and Johnny Bias

CLOTHING CARE TIPS & TOOLS: (click on article links to learn more)

How To Avoid Washing Your Clothes - Clothing & Shoe Cleaning Tips: The less you wash you clothes the longer they will last. This article also instructs you on how to hand wash your clothing, and where to get leather and suede protector.

My Favorite Fashion Tools:  This list includes toupee tape, which is the best tool for closing a gap on a button front shirt that pulls at your chest, or making sure your bra strap doesn’t show.

More Fashion Tips & Tools: This list includes how to keep from losing one sock, how to stretch your shoes at home, and where to get the steamer I recommend.

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